We Believe in Paying It Forward

We also value community and advocacy. We have lived through seasons locally and abroad where we witnessed firsthand the power of pulling together and the need to give back.

Because of our heart for service, we support our local NAMI chapter (link below) and non-profit Glocally Connected.

Because of our heart for advocacy, we engage in our professional organizations as well, in order to influence the way mental health care is seen and delivered.

Because of our heart for inclusion, we welcome your involvement in any of the following endeavors.

“There is probably no group of people more in need of psychological care than refugees. They are traumatized by violence and scarred by loss. And very often, their uncertain life in exile exposes them to more challenges than they are mentally prepared to handle.”

Melissa Fleming, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Peace of Heart

Schaepper Psychiatry is committed to providing services for Syrian refugees both abroad and in the local area. Dr. Schaepper has met with local leadership and refugee groups in the Middle East.

The Peace of Heart project provides professional mental health support via online tele-communication platforms to refugees, as well as “front line” workers (i.e., teachers, doctors, community helpers, etc.), working directly with the refugees.

This very special population will receive vital emotional and psychological support, through professional assistance in trauma coaching, and the opportunity to heal and grow in a safe nurturing environment, learning not only how to cope with the tragedies they have experienced, but gaining tools for them to have a healthy mind.

Currently Recruiting:

The Peace of Heart Project needs mental health professionals with a passion for helping this very special group of people. Preferably, volunteers will have experience working with refugees or people with acute grief, anger, depression, and loss. Other preferable qualifications are to have a working knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. A background in Arabic or Middle Eastern culture is also ideal but not required.

For more information on the Peace of Heart Project, please contact us at

Local, State and National Advocacy

We are stronger together. Reducing stigma for mental health care, creating access to care, insisting on parity for mental treatment, and most recently lobbying locally for treatment of the severely mentally ill who refuse treatment to receive assisted outpatient treatment are what Dr. Schaepper is about.

She is in active leadership in the American Psychiatric Association and the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) San Bernardino chapter. Nami serves those who are suffering from mental health conditions and their families.

If you’d like to find out more about how you or your family can get involved with NAMI programs or walks, click here: